The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois
Stormwater Management

Wood Dale - Itasca Flood Control Facility

The Wood Dale - Itasca Flood Control Facility was excavated at the confluence of Springbrook Tributary and Salt Creek in the northeast portion of the county. The facility is located south of Thorndale Avenue, west of Wood Dale Road, north of Irving Park Road and east of Prospect Avenue. The facility is made up of four reservoir cells. Three of the cells are gravity drained and provide 325 acre-feet of stormwater storage. The gravity reservoirs are located along the west side of Salt Creek. The larger pump evacuated cell is located along the east side of Salt Creek and provides 1,425 acre-feet of stormwater storage. The entire facility provides 1,750 acre-feet of storage for the Salt Creek Watershed. Floodwater enters the pump evacuated reservoir through a diversion weir made up of series of four sluice gates located at the end of School Street in Wood Dale. During flood events the sluice gates are opened allowing stormwater to flow down the spillway into the reservoir. The stormwater is temporarily stored until flood levels along Salt Creek have receded. Stormwater is then pumped back to Salt Creek through a pump station and discharge channel. Construction of the facility began in the early 1990's. Construction progressed through eight separate phases and was completed in 2002. The Wood Dale - Itasca Flood Control Facility provides flood protection to the downstream communities of Wood Dale, Addison, Villa Park, Elmhurst and Unincorporated DuPage County.

USGS Provisional Inundation Map

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Current Operating Conditions

Gate Status

Gate ID Percent Open

Water Surface Elevations

Description Elevation
Salt Creek at the WD-IT Spillway 674.39
WD-IT Wet Well Level 678.82
Irving Park 673.95
Harger Road 650.95
*There is a 20 minute delay on the gage reporting data **WSEL - Water Surface Elevation


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