The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois
Stormwater Management


Thank you for visiting DuPage County Stormwater Management's flood operations website. This website provide access to real-time water resource data collected throughout the County, including 17 flood control facilities, 22 rain gages, 25 stream gages and 14 monitoring cameras. The links above provide detailed information about each DuPage County watershed.

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Operational Gage Totals

DuPage County Stormwater Management uses the United States Geological Survey (USGS) stream and rain gages, as well as a local stream gages. The stream gages show real-time observations of stream height and discharge. USGS compiles these measurements hourly. The rain gages provide information about precipitation totals in the last week.

The following table lists the five larger mechanically operated flood control facilities in DuPage County, as well as real-time stream gage heights for the gages involved in those facilities predetermined operating plan. As needed during rain events, staff controls the flood control facilities when river elevations near operating level, or the trigger elevation.

Please note, some gages may be reporting incorrect values. Staff is monitoring the real current elevations of each stream. The best way to view real-time elevation data is through the Cameras page.

Flood Control Facility Stream Gage Description Current Elevation (Ft) Trigger Elevation (Ft) Date/Time Updated
Wood Dale - Itasca Salt Creek at Wood Dale (Irving Park Road) 673.95 675.50 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM
Elmhurst Quarry Salt Creek at Harger Road 650.95 654.00 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM
Elmhurst Quarry Salt Creek at Elmhurst 663.80 666.50 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM
Spring Creek Spring Creek Tributary 1 at Crest Gate 698.34 699.50 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM
Armstrong Park Klein Creek at Weir 742.95 744.20 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM
Fawell Dam West Branch DuPage River at Fawell Dam 676.61 680.24 7/18/2024 11:39:47 PM

USGS Cooperation

DuPage County works with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to provide real-time data. Many of the precipitation and stream gages within DuPage County are monitored and maintained through a cooperative agreement with the USGS. The following table provides rainfall totals for the last seven days at the USGS-monitored locations within DuPage County.

Gage Name Gage ID 1 Hour Total (inch) 3 Hour Total (inch) 6 Hour Total (inch) 12 Hour Total (inch) 24 Hour Total (inch) 2 Day Total (inch) 7 Day Total (inch)

Data is provisional and may display inaccuracies because of instrument malfunctions or physical changes at the gage location.

In addition to the network within the county, there are a number of rain gages located outside of DuPage that are used in forecasting models to predict potential flooding events. Below is a table listing each gage and its location. Click the gage to view more detailed information.

Cook County Kane County Will County
Busse Woods Near Elk Grove Village Tyler Creek in Elgin DuPage River in Naperville (Washington St. & Naper Blvd.)
Harper College in Palatine Ferson Creek near St. Charles DuPage River in Naperville (S. Naperville Rd. & W. Boughton Rd.)
Salt Creek in Rolling Meadows Mill Creek near Batavia

View all gages monitored by the USGS